Dental Radiology

Radiological devices within the dental clinic Miko Dental, Hyperion – Ortopantomograf Digital, presents special systems to prevent the harmful effects of ionizing radiation on the body.

  • minimum time of exposure to x-rays
  • the possibility of obtaining a correct and detailed diagnosis
  • Real-time results

Hyperion MRT creates a digital panoramic image to simplify the application of x-ray image.
It is suitable for dental staff and allows to obtain precise and detailed dental images easily and automatically.
radiografii-panoramice-bucurestiThe image is transferred in real time or after depending on the needs of the operator connected to the computer.

Real time dental x-ray!

Standard system configuration is able to obtain:

  • Standard or panoramic pediatric views
  • Complete or partial views-selected by the user
  • Front and side views of the maxillary sinus
  • side views for angles or posterior-anterior views of temporomandibular points
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