Dr. Dan Bonciu

General Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Bonciu Dan graduated from UMF Carol Davila in 2014.

Specialization courses

  • Occlusology in everyday practice – Aldo Gramatica
  • Occlusology practical course – Aldo Grammatica
  • B.A.R.I. technique – Piero Venezia
  • Structure – Alex Rugina
  • Focus – Dan Lazar & Roxana Petcu
  • Rhein 83 – Bologna
  • Prosthetics on implant – Mihai Sandulescu

Each case of aesthetic rehabilitation is a work of art that creates beauty through a diverse and unique combination of skills

The patient’s specific wishes help to create a smile that fits his face and personality. If it weren’t like that, all smiles would just be impersonally constructed prototypes.

The focus of modern dental treatment must be clear: optimal and maintainable oral health. Any factor that diminishes or disrupts this must be isolated and corrected. To do less means to fail in the entrusted task. Doctors who are dedicated to the concept of optimal oral health will not be able to treat one problem while ignoring others.

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