Dr. Ramona Chereches

Dr. Ramona Chereches

General Dentistry Specialist

  • 12th Congress of the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society: “The Concept of Oral Rehabilitation in Contemporary Dentistry”, November 14-16, 2018, Bucharest
  • Symposium, “Interdisciplinary approach of teeth with endodontic pathology”, November 17-18, 2017, Bucharest
  • The XXth International Congress of UNAS, the XIIth National Conference of Paradontology
  • 6th National Congress of the Romanian Society of Dental Prosthetics, 4-7 October 2017, Bucharest
  • Private course “Dossier isolation system (DIGA) guide, dentistry”, November 20, 2015, Bucharest
  • Private Course “Practical endodontics from A-Z. Theoretical course, practical hands-on exercises and live demonstrations, endodontic treatment, preparation and root-filling in everyday practice “, sustained by Dr. Peter Kiefner, 2014, Bucharest
  • Symposium “Aesthetic Solutions by Direct and Indirect Methods in Protetic Addition”, 21-22 February 2014, Bucharest
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