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SKY FAST AND FIXED is a revolutionary new procedure for providing a new set of fixed teeth in a single day. This is an excellent, modern alternative to ill-fitting dentures. “Fast & Fixed” process uses All-on-Four and All-on-Six dental implants to secure a full set of new teeth on a fixed bridge in JUST 1 DAY!

New Teeth in 1 Day – Same Day Dental Implants

Thus, at the end of the session, the patient leaves the clinic with implants and provisional restorations, being able to return immediately to social life, followed after 5-6 months to return for final restorations (final teeth).

Advantages Fast and Fixed by Bredent:

  • Savings up to 60% on your treatment plan!
  • 24h treatment (extractions, implants and prosthesis insertion fixed)
  • 100% aesthetic result!
  • No pain: dental implant will be done without needing to feel pain because of anesthetic techniques used!
  • Quick implants Fast & amp; Fixed and functionality ensure total recovery in 24 hours
  • Long term Warranty
  • Reducing costs: shorter treatment requires fewer visits to the dentist
  • Avoiding complications: Fast & fixed using the system eliminates the need for procedures such as the addition of complications related to bone and sinuses
Video restoring teeth on the lower jaw

Who can benefit from dental implant Fast & fixed quickly?

  • People suffering from periodontitis
  • Individuals who have few teeth remaining in the arcade (with indication extraction) or no tooth
  • Persons carrying the mobile prosthesis
  • Individuals who require complete dental restorations
  • People that can not be made because dental implants classic high bone loss (being able to avoid this kind of complicated procedures addition marrow)

What are the steps procedure SKY Fast & Fixed by Bredent

A first consultation – Diagnosis and Treatment Plan preparation

  • The first consultation involves performing radiographs, photos and possibly a computer tomography for determining the treatment plan (this shows our specialist bone quality and position of nerves and sinuses).


  • Step 1 – Phase surgery – Insertion of dental implants
    • The operation is performed under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation
    • Any dental extractions are necessary in the same session
    • Implants are inserted into the bone and if appropriate, make any additions and remodeling bone gum. Insertion of implants takes about 2 hours for each arch part (6 implants in the maxilla and mandible implants 4)
    • CAREFUL! ABSOLUTELY NOT FEEL ANY PAIN PATIENT IN PHASE insertion IMPLANTS! Most patients reported that they did not feel any pain, both during the procedure, and in the days immediately following.
  • Step 2 – Make temporary dental work and attaching fixed
    • The patient attaches provisional restorations, so you can eat and smile normally during the entire treatment!
  • Total price PHASE 1 (Step 1 + Step 2):
    • Jaw: from 4900 eur (6 implants + secure temporary work)
    • Mandible: from 3600 eur (4 implants + secure temporary work)

PHASE 2 – 5-6 MONTHS AFTER PHASE 1 – MAKING dental work and attaching DEFINITIVE

  • After healing and osseointegration of implants, temporary works are replaced with final works (end-teeth) that can be made from several types of material (BioHPP / Porcelain or Zirconium)
  • Prices PHASE 2 (final works):
    • Maxillary:
      • Porcelain / BioHPP: 2500 eur
      • Zirconium: from 3000 eur
    • Mandible:
      • Porcelain / BioHPP: from 2500 eur
      • Zirconium: from 3000 euro
Fast and Fixed prices by Bredent

Price list broken down into phases (Phase 1 – implants + secure temporary work; PHASE 2 – final paper).

FAST&FIXED – Complete lower jaw
PHASE 1 Fast & Fixed lower jaw – 4 implants + temporary full arch fixed prosthesis from 3600 euro
PHASE 2 Fast & Fixed lower jaw – permanent full arch fixed prosthesis Bio Hpp / porcelain crowns from 2500 euro
Fast & Fixed lower jaw – permanent full arch fixed prosthesis with zirconia crowns from 3000 euro
FAST&FIXED – Complete upper jaw
PHASE 1 Fast & Fixed upper jaw – 6 implants + temporary full arch fixed prosthesis from 4900 Euro
FAZA 2 Fast & Fixed upper jaw – permanent full arch fixed prosthesis Bio Hpp / porcelain crowns from 2500 Euro
Fast & Fixed upper jaw – permanent full arch fixed prosthesis with zirconia crowns from 3000 Euro
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