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Dental Surgery

Dental problems require immediate solutions. Otherwise, gains momentum and the only solution is surgery. At Miko Dental, surgeons and specialists offers full services of the highest quality in the field dental surgery.

Osteotomie 250 ron
Cystectomy 600 ron
Alveolectomy 500 ron
Abscess drainage 100 ron
Monoradicular tooth extraction for orthodontic purposes (front teeth) 150 ron
Pluriradicular tooth extraction for orthodontic purposes (premolars) 200 ron
Included canine extraction 400 ron
Periodontal disease tooth extraction 70 ron
Temporary tooth extraction 70 ron
Wisdom tooth extraction 250 ron
Included wisdom tooth extraction 500 ron
Semi-included wisdom tooth extraction 400 ron
Extraction of tooth root remains 150 ron
Monoradicular tooth extraction 100 ron
Pluriradicular tooth extraction 150 ron
Tooth abscess incision 100 ron
Apical resection 500 ron
Alveolitis treatment 60 ron
Ridge regularization 300 ron
Wisdom tooth eruption aid procedure 200 ron

Dental Therapy

Cavities or damage that destroy tissue must be detected and repaired in time so that further complications do not arise. Miko Dental Bucharest offers complete treatment dental therapy. And if complications have already appeared Miko Dental will help get rid of them at fair prices.

Monoradicular tooth root canal treatment (extirpation+filling) 300 ron
Biradicular tooth root canal treatment (extirpation+filling) 400 ron
Triradicular tooth root canal treatment (extirpation+filling) 500 ron
Wisdom tooth root canal treatment (extirpation+filling) 600 ron
Canal restoring + filling in monoradicular teeth 400 ron
Canal restoring + filling in biradicular teeth 500 ron
Canal restoring + filling in triradicular teeth 600 ron
Intracanal active substance 80 ron
Removing needle from canal 200 ron
Temporary filling 50 ron
Grade I cavity filling using photopolymerizable composite resin 150 ron
Grade II cavity filling using photopolymerizable composite resin 200 ron
Grade III cavity filling using photopolymerizable composite resin 250 ron
Tooth neck filling 120 ron
Glass ionomer filling 110 ron
Pain therapy 150 ron


With small regular visits to the dentist, for preventing or treating dental problems, children will learn in time how important dental hygiene is. At Miko Dental dental office in Bucharest, children benefit from the best treatments and advice in the field.

Specialized pedodontic examination 50 ron
Ultrasonic teeth scaling +brushing 100 ron
Airflow prophylaxis 50 ron
Teeth brushing for children 50 ron
Temporary tooth sealing 100 ron
Permanent tooth sealing 100 ron
Glass ionomer filling 100 ron
Dental arch fluoride treatment 50 ron
Grade I permanent tooth cavity filling using photopolymerizable composite resin 120 ron
Grade II permanent tooth cavity filling using photopolymerizable composite resin 140 ron
Grade III permanent tooth cavity filling using photopolymerizable composite resin 160 ron
Monoradicular temporary tooth extraction 70 ron
Pluriradicular temporary tooth extraction 150 ron
Pulp capping 70 ron
Pulpotomy+ canal treatment 150 ron
Composite resin crown on temporary front tooth 200 ron


Do you want to regain your beautiful and healthy smile, affected over time by dental problems? Miko Dental Bucharest offers full service specialist doctors and a dentist who will help you regain your smile. Literally and figuratively.

Subgingival curettage (open field curettage) 2000 ron
Non-surgical (Closed field) curretage 1000 ron
Gum curettage per tooth 100 ron
Gingivectomy per quadrant 2500 ron
Gingivectomy per tooth 250 ron
Gum peeling 300 ron
Lateral flap repositioning 800 ron
Apical flap repositioning 1000 ron
Lingual bar consolidation 800 ron
Surgery with flap/arch 4000 ron
Periodontology treatment (periodontal cure / jaw) 1200 ron


You need dental implants? Do not worry! At Miko Dental you will benefit from the services of one of the most respected doctors in Romania, with extensive experience in dental implantology with a success rate of 100%!

Consultation 80 ron
Dental specialist consultation 150 ron
Implant Alpha Bio (Abutment Included) 400 EURO
Implant PALTOP (Abutment Included) 500 EURO
Implant BREDENT Sky Blue (GERMANIA) 650 EURO
(Abutment 100 EURO)
Implant BREDENT Zirconium (GERMANIA) 1200 EURO
(Abutment 100 EURO)
Implant ZIMMER Trabecular (S.U.A.) 1400 EURO
(Abutment 100 EURO)
Membrane APRF 450 ron
Bone addition 0,5g 700 ron
Internal sinus lift 1300 ron
External sinus lift 2500 ron


Do you need mobile or fixed braces? An incognito one, a metal or maybe a sapphire one. You already have braces and just go to control? Miko Dental offers full orthodontics services.

Fixed metal braces/ Arch 2900 ron
Fixed physiognomic braces/Arch 3600 ron
Fixed sapphire bracket braces/ Arch promotie 4500 ron
3900 ron
Mobile braces (orthodontic trainer) 1000 ron
Activator 1200 ron
Metal bracket bonding 40 ron
Esthetic bracket bonding 80 ron
Incognito bracket bonding 120 ron
Fixed device spring replacement 150 ron
Monthly examination of fixed braces on both arches 150 ron
Monthly examination of mobile braces 70 ron
Fixed space maintainer 400 ron
Mobile space maintainer 800 ron
Microimplant for orthodontic purposes 700 ron
Fixed retainer 500 ron
Mobile contention device 800 ron
Disjunctor 1200 ron
Trans-palatal arch 400 ron
Monoblock 900 ron

Removable Prostheses

Dentists recommend a provisional prosthesis, a prosthesis or a skeleton with special systems Overdenture on implants and multiple staples? It takes denture relining or repair bodice? In either case, Miko Dental Bucharest will be available.

Temporary partial prosthesis/Arch 1200 ron
Temporary total prosthesis/Arch 1500 ron
Skeletal prosthesis with molded/elastic brackets 1800 ron
Skeletal prosthesis with special systems/ 2 clasps and 2 plates 3000 ron
Skeletal prosthesis with special systems/ 4 clasps and 4 plates 3800 ron
Supraprosthesis on 2 implants 3500 ron
Supraprosthesis on 4 implants 4000 ron
Supraprosthesis on over 4 implants 4500 ron
Clasp on implant for supraprosthesis 100 ron
Kemeny prosthesis ( 1-3 pieces) 250 ron
Kemeny prosthesis ( 3-7 pieces) 300 ron
Acrylic supraprosthesis on 2 clasps 2000 ron
Acrylic supraprosthesis on 4 clasps 2500 ron
Acrylic supraprosthesis on 2 telescopes 1500 ron
Acrylic supraprosthesis on 4 telescopes 2000 ron
Teeth grinding guard 300 ron
Prosthesis rebase 150 ron
Bracket repair 100 ron

Fixed Prosthetics

Offering a full range of services, Miko Dental offers prosthetic services that are secure. From blunt recovery, cementing work and hard zirconium ceramic crowns or tooth naturally and RCR cast or fiberglass.

Crown ablation 50 ron
Full porcelain crown 1300 ron
Porcelain crown on natural tooth zirconia support 1200 ron
Porcelain crown on implant zirconia support 1400 ron
Porcelain crown on natural tooth metal support 650 ron
Porcelain crown on implant metal support 900 ron
Porcelain veneers 1300 ron
Composite resin veneers -Inlay- 180 ron
Inlay incrustations 1000 ron
Non-physiognomic incrustations 300 ron
Molded RCR 250 ron
Glass fiber RCR 250 ron
Blunt restoration with Dentatus 150 ron
Study models 100 ron
RCR removal 250 ron
Cementing crown/single unit crown 40 ron
Temporary crown 90 ron
Temporary crown in laboratory 100 ron

Aesthetics and Prevention

Do you want to benefit from an air flow, a professional teeth whitening treatment, an ultrasonic scaler or a professional cleaning? Miko Dental offers a wide range of services of aesthetics and dental prophylaxis.

Professional whitening with Zoom lamp promotie 1500 ron
1200 ron
Whitening treatment with dental trays 800 ron
Ultrasonic cleaning +professional brushing 150 ron
Air flow 100 ron
Professional brushing 100 ron
Topic fluoridation both arches 200 ron
Applying desensitizing agent/ tooth desensitization 50 ron
Applying gems in tooth 200 ron
Whitening trays 300 ron

Dental Radiology

The dentist has recommended a panoramic dental x-ray, an occlusion or RX RX Periapical? Or simply want to schedule an appointment at a specialist doctor? Miko Dental in Bucharest comes to your aid.

Orthopantomogram (panoramic radiograph) 70 ron
Occlusal X-ray 30 ron
Periapical X-ray 30 ron
X-ray 50 ron
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