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Welcome to Miko Dental Clinic

At Miko Dental we use the finest materials and the most advanced equipment with the latest technology!
In an intimate, modern and welcoming environment, you will be welcomed by our dental specialists, who will make you aware of minimally invasive treatments for restoring your teeth and the latest generation of dental aesthetic procedures.

    Optionally, you can attach an X-ray / CT and / or images with your teeth



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    Our specialists

    Dental implantology and dentistry

    Dr. Șerban Atanasiu

    Ultraspecialized in Dental Implantology

    Dr. Costin Boja

    Endodontics Specialist

    Dr. Ștefan Filip

    Endodontics Specialist

    Dr. Adel Maasarani

    Implant Dentistry Specialist

    Do you want a Hollywood smile? 
    from 1000 Lei

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    Cum să ai o relație de lungă durată cu dentistul tău

    Mariana Stan și experiența ei la Miko Dental

    Unii pacienți ajung la Miko Dental după experiențe anterioare neplăcute

    Primul lucru care îți vine în minte când auzi cuvântul „dentist”

    Corina Danila
    pacienta clinicii noastre

    Corina Danila

    pacienta clinicii noastre

    Stomatologie fara frica

    Stomatologie fara frica

    Implant dentar fara durere

    Implant dentar fara durere

    Pacienta implant dentar

    Pacienta implant dentar

    Pacienta implant dentar

    Pacient implanturi dentare

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