dr andreea lungu stomatolog

Dr. Andreea Lungu

General Densitry Specialist

  • International Congress of Dental Aesthetics, Bucharest 2014
  • “Direct” Congress – Direct Restorations in the Side Area, Sibiu 2014
  • Aesthetics through direct restorations in the front area, Bucharest 2014
  • Minimally invasive dental aesthetics, Bucharest 2014
  • Hyaluronica creating excellence, Bucharest 2014
  • Focus on Esthetic Dentistry: From Diagnosis and Case Documentation to Extreme Makeover, Bucharest 2014
  • UNAS Bucharest 2015 Symposium. The therapeutic attitude between functionality and aesthetics. Current trends in the field of biomaterials used in dentistry
  • International Congress of Dental Aesthetics, Bucharest 2015
  • Congress of Dental Medicine SDR, Bucharest 2015. Methods, techniques and interdisciplinary visions in oral rehabilitation. Ensuring a successful aesthetic and functional predictability: Improving tissue osteointegration of implants, using complex techniques of periodontal surgery
  • 19th International Congress of UNAS, Bucharest 2015
  • Xth National Conference of Periodontology, Bucharest 2015
  • 4th National Congress of the Romanian Society of Dental and Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Bucharest 2015
  • 2nd National Conference of the Association of Pediatric Dentistry in Romania, Bucharest 2015
  • Competence in Aesthetics 2015. The Seventh Joint International Symposium on Dental Aesthetics, Vienna 2015
  • National Congress with International Participation. Interdisciplinary cooperation in dental medicine as a means of improving the quality of life, Constanta 2016
  • Use of 980 nm Laser in Dental Medicine, Cluj Napoca 2017
  • Congress “Paro-prosthetic Days of AMSPPR”, Bucharest 2018
  • The course “Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office”, Ploiesti 2018
  • Congress “Dent4All”, Bucharest 2018
  • The course “Hyaluronic Acid in dermatological-aesthetic medical procedures”, Bucharest 2018
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